Where Has The Magic Gone

Rant About Life and Light

Heins Paul
1 min readDec 2, 2021

Every day starts the same way
There is darkness
and then there are rays of light
gleaming through the darkness
It takes a while
But then, it is morning.

Everyday, it is the same
Every freaking day
and then there is one day
when you are no longer looking up at the sky
in wonder for the lights to light up the sky
It becomes mundane and its magic dies in your eyes
All that miracle,
all that light
Stays the same for you
and all that magic just drowns
beneath your worries, problems
Oh is there something stuck in my teeth
The Hair fall
The shoes are tight,
got to get new ones.

All that miracle of a new day
just disappears
due to lack of appreciation,
just like the miracle of life.

Someone told me, life is defined,
not by being dealt with a good hand
but by playing a poor hand,

However, in our case,
we are gifted with a good hand,
best there is in the universe
and we take it for granted
and obsess about trivialities.

Remember to be Grateful
and Sad Life will kill you less.