The Job

Heins Paul
3 min readAug 13, 2022

14th August’ 2022

I decided that I would write a journal every week at least one time. Also, I decided two months ago that I would write a song everyday for a year. Though I decided that with determination, I was not able to met my goals.

Its been a few months since I started with the job and I am already a supervisor. I do very less work because I have to keep track of queries and answer questions of the team members, about the process. It is not really a stressful job. When I started back in I guess February; I had quit smoking and was actively looking for my spark. Now, after a few months, I know that I like to create music, especially when I sing and play guitar. It is something that I love to do, I like the way I sound and even though I am not good, I have decided that I will learn creating and playing music.

All those years I wasted, watching movies, talking to people who despise me, not taking action and trying to find love; all that has dawned on me. I feel like I had to actively search for what I liked doing and would enjoy to do as a job. This way I would have found my passion sooner that what I did. I had started smoking after I started the job and I have now been without cigarettes for about 2 days. Its been months since I got addicted to cigarettes again and now I am trying to quit it too.

So in this new job, there were people who left the company, after I joined. One of my crushes was fired because she refused the customer that they can’t connect them with the supervisor on phone. She left last months and one sale for which she had quoted for, popped up for 148 dollars, this month. Her name is Bulbul Shah and she went by the pseudo name Bella Sandoz. She was one of the top employees.

I can see how I am foolish and a bit hard. I freeze up when something shocking happens, I lose the track of my mind and thoughts, when speaking. I forget lyrics but one thing I do and like the most about me is that I really like the way I sound when I sing. So I have decided to learn music. My goal with this endeavor is to translate my feelings to something musical. Being able to create a song like Time by Pink Floyd would really be somewhere I want to be musically in the future.

Also when I was driving an empty bottle of soda, just flew out of thin air in front of me. It was still when I saw it and then it just rolled on into my way. That is something weird that I found.

I also know that writing this entries would be cringy as hell but I am going to do that so that I remember. Probably save it in the cloud later when I have money.

Speaking about money, I bought a microphone and it was a bit harsh and so I placed a order for another microphone that is costlier by 100 dollars more. But it is a better product so I bought it to compare with my other microphone.

I am repairing my electric guitar whose springs just worn out and cannot support the tension of the strings so I am getting them replaced. That is pretty much it. We have been working. So Heins, you need to be a better musician that what you are today in about 5 years. Practice everyday. Make one song every week and update the journal every week too. These are the three goals we have to follow for a while.