The Invation

Journal feb-march 2022

Heins Paul
2 min readMar 9, 2022

Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February 2022. Its been like over a week or two. It felt like there is going to be world war or probably it feels like there could be a possibility of it. Many people have died and millions have been relocated and have fled Ukraine. It is such a tragedy that I am not able to grasp it in its entirety. Local media is supporting Ukraine and bashing Russia. There were some sanctions that were imposed on Russia. However the war goes on. Just like it does in my life.

I have started working a full time job which is night shift and when I come back from my job I am tired and then I sleep for 10 hours and wake up sleepy and tired. It is like you can sleep for 4 hours and wake up tired but in my case, I can wake up at 4 and be tired and also I can wake up at 10 and be tired as well. It is my poison to pick however, I have found that my spoken English is getting better as I have to deal with customers, who may be frustrated.

I have started smoking as well, 3–4 cigarettes a day, when I receive a break from work. It is a simple job but it requires me to be on phone with Native English speakers and that is boosting my ability to understand and speak English. So that is a good start and I can see that I can progress in this job.

I feel like I can grow with writing blogs every week and the repetition will make me a better writer, just like body building. I am hoping for the best. I was not able to keep my promise of writing a blog each and very day for the rest of the year because I felt like I did not have much to write about. After that I decided that I will write a story or a blog every week and that seems to be falling apart as well because I do not have much to say about myself and my experience. Perhaps it is because I am still learning and it is a good thing. I will continue to publish a blog every week, either about my life, lessons and experiences and hope that I can grow as a writer in the next 5 years of hustle. See you all guys next week.