The Interviews

Journal entry about my interviews — 3rd Feb’2022

Heins Paul
4 min readFeb 3, 2022

If you are not sure about what this article is going to be, let me tell you why and what you are going to find in this bit. I am writing this as my journal entry and uploading to the cloud so that I can look back at what I did when I was young, dumb and broke. Perhaps, I may go on to conquer great feats or end up a loser, drunk, and broke bum. Either way, I will document my life as it passes and this document will be a reminder about my journey, probably till end of my life sentence.

So last month, I declared that I would write a story every week for the rest of the year and upload journal entries and get a job before the month ended, if something interesting happened. However, last month came and flew by just like past 2 years did and I did not write and failed to get a job, However, I assure you that I tried, I did try. I have an update to share about what has happened this month.

I applied for a plethora of jobs in the city, however, very few contacted back. This time, I was searching for jobs in the digital marketing field as I thought that if I land a digital marketing job, I will learn and maybe use the techniques and things learned on my own sites and perhaps grow my audience. Here are the interviews that I gave and how they went.

My first interview was at a company on the other side of the city from where I live. I assumed that they were a digital marketing firm and applied for the post of seo executive. They sent me a message for interview and asked me to come by at their office next day. I arrived at the company and went to talk to the watchman, and said that I was there for an interview, however he looked surprised as he was not expecting anyone to come. He was calm but moved by my presence. He got out of his chair and graciously asked me to wait in his cubicle and put my bag there for safekeeping. Then a member of the company came to the investigate, she too was not sure, why I was there. Then I called the number that was available on the job posting, in hopes to meet the human resources associate so that I can carry on with the interview. She answered the call and advised me to wait. I did so and then the previous woman came and told me to wait in the office. I sat on the sofa and was waiting then the woman handling the orders and packages, came and sat next to me. She started the interview and asked me, what I know about the company. I said, I did not know. Her face frowned and told me that I have to know about the company about which I was interviewing for and everything went downhill from there. She was saying something along the lines of how I am not up for the job and everything else went above my head. As the interview subsided, I left, felling like a loser. Which is fine because, I thought that they were a digital marketing company but they were looking for someone who practiced digital marketing and not someone who was a keen fresher in the field.

Next up, was another company, where I submitted the application about 2 weeks before they contacted me back and it was a really good company, great culture and talent. Probably one of the best places to work at in my city. I had applied for this position twice before and was rejected 2 times however, I saw that they wanted someone at another role at the company and so I applied. Here the interviewer was very calm and composed, and appeared to be down to earth but it creeped me out. They interviewed me for one position and in the interview she asked if I was okay with the job description that she conveyed to me, and I said I am not going to be fit for this role and I was looking to fill another role in which I was rejected twice. She went ahead with that role, confidently. She told me that I was up for an assessment and then up for another interview with her superior. I failed in one assessment and then tried again and was successful. Then came the mega interview where I had to chat with the manager over on zoom. I did so and failed miserably. My speaking English is really weak and the job description read that I be comfortable with speaking to US clients. Which I was not so I bombed the interview.

Next, was a company, where I applied thinking that they would be a digital marketing company, which they were not and the Human resources associate, thought that I be fit for another role as a customer care representative and I needed a job so I applied for the interview and got selected. Now, I am waiting to get on ahead with that and I would have a job in this week or two.

In terms of writing. I am just getting started with writing fiction or poems. I am at a beginner level and I am hoping that as I keep writing and learning, I will get better at it. So, I have decided that I will write journal, poems and fiction in hope of getting better. And for bread, I will work and earn it from there. This month, I plan on writing two fictional stories. Let see what I churn out this month. Wish me luck, Mr Heins.