Night In The Hood

A fictional story about paranormal activity

Heins Paul
5 min readDec 7, 2021


It was about 7:30 PM and Tim was getting ready to get off work. He worked in a garment factory and he was overlooking his department, when a thought struck his head.

“Today, I will get the electric guitar that I have always wanted to buy” he said.

“Maybe, Ill become a Rockstar, maybe someone somewhere might get inspired by my songs and perhaps become the president; go down in history or something like that.” I am going to be big.
“god knows what will become of it”

“Anyways I will get that guitar” He whispered.

He just made up his mind to purchase the guitar but then a familiar voice came from behind.

“Dude, if you keep talking to yourself, they might go ahead and fire us both”

He looked back and it was his friend Jared.

“Ha, I understand that I will be fired because I’d be deemed crazy but how is it that they are going to fire you too”

“You are crazy and I am your friend. If you go out, then I am getting off this god forsaken island too”

“Yeah, True that”

“You said you were going to get that guitar” Jared asked.

“Yeah, I always wanted to play the guitar, since I was a kid” he said.

“Anyways, what are you doing after the shift, Tim asked Jared.

“Playing video games, as usual. Why do you ask? Do you want to hang out somewhere?”

“Yeah, let me go get that guitar and then we can grab some dinner together, it’s been ages since I last ate at Miley’s.”

“Alright then.” Jared left and Tim started thinking about being a rockstar. It was his earliest dream to pursue music and not only because he thought it was cool but because his family was related to music. His grandfather was a saxophone player and a really good vocalist too. His father played the piano and now he was trying to venture out with music on his mind.

Tim and Jared, got off work and they got in the car to get to the guitar shop. The guitar shop was on the other side of the city; where there are less people but it was not always like that. The shop was on the main road that connected the city to another metro city, and the road was as busy as it could get. But then they built the overpass so that there is less traffic and the main road was used less. Eventually all businesses died and it turned into a place where the homeless hung out and that side of city was ignored by the authorities. However, the guitar shop survived, as it was there doing business since a long time and had gained a reputation for low prices. And Jared and Tim were headed there.

Jared and Tim got in the car and they were on their way to the guitar shop. Jared was talking about how he plans to visit a Buddhist monk and how living a minimalistic lifestyle has improved the quality of his wellbeing and health. He was like a tape recorder, he kept going on and on and it appeared that Tim was not paying much attention to the conversation like how he normally would. When suddenly they heard a bang, it was the tire. There was a puncture in the tire and it needed to be taken care of immediately, but they didn’t know how to replace the blown-out tire. They were in a sketchy neighborhood. It was a place where there was an abandoned mall and it is around 7 PM and lights were out, you could barely see the dark grey sky, one which you see when it is just a few minutes until it is pitch black and they were in this situation all alone by themselves.

“Man, there is not a soul around here for a few miles, I am assuming it is not late to go around and watch a video or something about fixing the tire. Said Tim.

“Yeah man, let’s look it up,” said Jared.

They opened YouTube and were about to type and, in that moment, when an aggressive gust of wind came and rocked their car. They didn’t seem to bother and kept at it. However, they heard a knock on the window and a frail figure of a woman showed up. They didn’t think the situation in which they were was any dangerous or scary and so they lowered their window glass, only to figure out what the person wanted.

It was a silhouette of a woman, thin and tall, wearing dark red color overcoat and in high heels.

“Are you having car trouble?”, she asked.

“Yes”, said Jared and was about to inquire about the woman, when Tim exclaimed.
“This is not the type of place where you would find a soul, are you alright sister?”

“yes”, she said, “let me help you with the car”

“Open the trunk and let me get the tire for you”
They did and then she got to work with the tire.
“How do you know all this?” asked Jared.
“ My father is handy with these sorts of things and he made sure that I learn how to fix a tire, just in case, if I am struck in this type of situation.” She explained.

She fixed the tire in a few minutes and then she was about to leave, when Tim, pulled out his wallet and try to thank her for helping them out. She said, it was not a problem and she insisted to not take the money.

“Thanks again”, said Tim. She nodded and they were off to the guitar store. As they entered the guitar store, they were greeted by the old man, in about his 80s and they inquired about the guitars.

They spent about 30 minutes, inspecting the guitars, when suddenly Tim’s gazed upon a picture on the wall. As the looked at the picture, shell shocked. The old man replied with, oh, that is a picture of my daughter.

“Hey, Jared, look at this picture, does it remind you of someone”

“Oh, she is the woman who helped us with the tire change”

The old man’s face turned red, and he said, she died about 12 years ago. It cannot be possible.

“It was her” They both went quite and there was an awkward silence in the store. They got their guitar and left.

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