Junk Scratch

Heins Paul
2 min readNov 27, 2021

It was one of those lonely days
where you don’t have anything to do
and all you can do is kill time.
So like anyone else would do,
we went to pick up women.

It was not much to do in our sad city
Oh but the women were out there,
there were ugly ones hanging out
with the hot ones just like they always do
But it wasn’t much going around.
So we decided to hang out at another mall
on the other edge of the city

We were there in the mall,
tried, exhausted and lonely
Just then, we saw a really hot girl
hanging out with a fat guy.
We usually do not judge people,
we do sometimes but not always,
but this guy was something else,
he had some sort of anti-charisma
that had repulsive energy in it.
Or you can say we were partially jealous.

He came and sat next to our table
Our eyes met as he was sitting down
I automatically nodded,
to make myself less awkward
And he smiled ear to ear and winked.
Girl saw what he did and looked back at us
Oh boy, she understood,
what was going through our minds
She looked down and blushed.

I could have thought he was rich
but he was wearing basic clothes,
ones that looked like they weren’t being washed.
You could mistake this appearance as that of homeless
thought he might have had huge junk
but I was not sure,
his hands looked tiny.
He was really out there
We left soon after
he told her to get him something to eat
I felt a sudden itch in my jock
for all the good it does;
I scratched my junk and laughed it out loud.
But the lord knew, It would be going down in history books.