He keeps waking up

He wastes more time
than what he can afford
He keeps waking up
hoping it would get better
as the days pass him by
He says he feels fine
but he can only know so much
about the light
and about the folk lore

With this chin nestled within
the collar of this jacket
He keeps on continuing
to work in the cold
Breathing fire keeps him worm
Smoke from his lungs
appear to be filling the atmosphere
He is not in fear
as he knows only what he can understand
He keeps waking up
Day by day,
hour by hour

This vile totalitarian world
and its futile efforts to control
the only thing that he can’t control
his emotions and love of life|
Its like a never ending strife
And he keeps waking up.

Photo by Boxed Water Is Better on Unsplash



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