Games we play

A Journal entry

Heins Paul
3 min readMar 26, 2022
Games we play, a journal entry

Poof! A week came and flew right by. Time passed by, like it was never there. The clock’s face, pauses for a few milliseconds and I can now notice that too. It’s a brief pause but you can see the screen display struggling to keep up. I have too been like that this week; trying to keep up with my work and my thoughts.

Today is 26th of March. Ever since I have started writing this blog, I have come to understand that my writing is terrible. However, I believe that I am getting better. So, this is how my week went.

Last week I promised that I will write a blog every week in order to document my life in my own words and so that I can improve my English. This week I worked harder and worked like I have to earn my pay. I have been lazy all my life, looking for shortcuts and time so that I can keep wondering more about the would and my role in it. But this week it was different. I worked harder, well, harder than I normally do. Instead of waiting for the time to run out, I used every other second of my free time to do more work than I usually do. This week, for the first time, I sat on a chair for 7 hours straight, doing my work. And I found that working hard felt good after the work was done. Never thought that I could feel this feeling of competence and joy by working just a tad bit harder. All I want to say is that it felt good. Something I have not felt in a while.

Also, for this week, Heins, we were a little perverted. I caught my thoughts in action, twice. This technique of observing the thoughts, is turning out to be quite a spectacle.

The title derives its meaning by what happened today, when I am writing my journal. Today was a Friday, where, we play games in the workplace, just to celebrate the fact that we can rest for the weekend. So, we played a game where everyone was supposed to write an anonymous note to someone else, complementing them, criticizing them and on the floor with all my teammates, I was known to not receive any notes, that is because I am a nobody and I do not talk a lot to people. So, I received 2 notes, where in one someone said that they love me and another one said that they want me to talk more. I don’t know who wrote those, but this is what is up for this week. Also, I got 25 views on my medium page. From 6 it went directly to 25. Noice.

I still have the weekend for this week so I have planned to not go to sleep and observe how much can I fight sleeping. This is because, the more I sleep, less tired I feel and I want to know my limits by sleeping less. I will try out what happens and update in the next entry. Happy weekend Heins. Bye now.