Endurance and Prophesies

I am Heins. What I have done doesn’t matter, at least anymore, what does, Is what I am doing right now. All my life I have been a failure, even though I like to look myself in the mirror with positive light, I was not able to make the most of my time. It is hard to admit but that is true.

I like to read and when I write, I think that I sound like a superhero. So, here I am at Medium, trying not only to succeed but to develop my skills. I am writing a post every week in hopes that my writing gets better and when I am old, I have the ability to write a decent book that would inspire others to pursue their dreams, just this and nothing else. Too much to ask? Probably but not too hard to persist with this ambition. So I would recommend that you give your feedback in the comment section. It is okay if you do not follow or appreciate but I would recommend to hear what you think about this so that I don’t end up wasting my time. I would really really appreciate if you can leave a comment.

I write my journal every week, and I publish it over here and my blog. I write poems and short stories too. Also, I am learning to write fiction, not a big fan of fiction but that is what I think I have become through my endeavors and challenges. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day and I hope that your dreams come true. Good bye friend.





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Heins Paul

Heins Paul


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