Beyond the Horizon

Beyond the horizon

I am Looking out of the window
and all I see is people,
surviving without the knowledge of how
crazy this world really is.
They take it for granted.

The Idea of us, living on gigantic sphere
and also orbiting another Sphere
that lights up our world every day,
this is what they do not try remember
and or try to wonder. But I did.

They keep travelling
hoping that it isn’t a miracle that we are on a world
where miracle happens every day,
and it takes more miracles everyday for the world to exist.
It is not like one miracle and the world began,
it is miracles upon miracles every second, just so that we can exist.
And what we do with this.
What do we make of these miracles?
Who is out there looking out for us?
How is this happening and why?
What is beyond the horizon, Beyond these blue skies,
Beyond reason, Beyond Seasons,
Beyond Rules and Beyond regulations?
Why do we exist? And what for?

Perhaps one day,
We will have answers,
till then my friend,
All we can do is wonder!

Photo by Storiès on Unsplash



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